What We Do

From Small Details To The Big Picture

Third Branch Engineering, LLC

Our work for each client is as different as the leaves on a tree.  We typically begin with an in-depth review with company leadership to fully understand the scope the company wants to address. Sometimes it can be as small as a single production line.  Other times it can be as large as a field's operation and maintenance.  Following the scope definition, a committed and knowledgeable internal team is assembled.  This group usually includes upper level leadership as well as engineers, operations, and facilities managers.

Third Branch conducts an assessment relying on current operations,  historical information, available data, interviews, and benchmarking.  Through an interactive process recommendations are refined, and the business case developed.  Third Branch often works with the client on implementation and, most importantly, benchmarking actual success against the forecasted performance.  Sharing the data with internal and external audiences is the final stage of each project.  Through this Planning, Implementing, Tracking, and Sharing process, companies develop momentum to effect change throughout the organization. 

Environmental engineering services also include Phase Is, project permitting and compliance, as well as third party audits for internal purposes or for merger/acquisition decisions.  

Third Branch Engineering has significant experience with major and minor source air quality permitting and compliance within Oklahoma and Texas as well as environmental permitting related to pipeline projects.  These tasks are very often integrated into audits, merger/acquisition preparation, and benchmarking activities.